Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tail Light reseruction

The tail lights had operational issues as well as looking pretty shabby.

So OUT they came.  I will spend some time in the basement reworking the bezels, replacing hardware and repainting them. 3 out of the 8 bolts broke off in the aluminium housing due to corrosion and the wiring job behind the lights was in sad shape as well.

Overhead racks continued.

This is all the extra wiring from both overhead racks.  All for speakers, reading lights, and sidewall lighting.

 Today's progress was good. The right side overhead rack is down.

After drilling out a couple of rivets and some good bashing with a Large hammer. the rack split in to two pieces so I could slide it back out of the way for now.

The left side is stronger and longer than the right. I don't think I will tackle it alone. That is unless a Saws All comes in to play.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today I started removing the overhead racks.
The first step was to find out what was running through the structure as far as electrical. Most of this will go away. The only circuit that is required is one wire for the center marker lamp on each side.
The rest is public address, sidewall lights and reading light power. I might be able to save some of the sidewall circuits for ambient rope light or something like that in the final build.
Under side of the overhead rack with reading lights and sidewall lighting intact.

 The right side of the bus after gutting out reading lamps and removing the speakers and sidewall lighting.
 I swept the floor before I started what happened?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Vacancy" at the Resort

Answering to an add I posted on Craig's list. Two brothers starting a bus transport company needed seats and purchased my seats to use in their bus

 Now that the seats are gone two things can happen.
 1 continue gutting to remove overhead racks and open up the space further.
2 Have the bus inspected to change the title to Motor home.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Got Jakes?

On the way back from Verginia I played with the switch that said Jakeobs Engine brake but was un sure if the sytem had been de installed or not since nothing seemed to work.
 Using a toner to chase down the wire runs I found this switch on the governor box on the back of the motor that connects to the switch up front.
 The line on the pneumatic cyl that is on the left side of the switch goes to these pneumatic solenoids on the firewall above the engine
 I also found wires going in to the rocker covers. Not only on the right bank of cyl,
 But the left bank as well.  (Did I tell you this engine is a greasy PIG?)
Only time will tell if they really work.  Time to post something looking for help on the forum

Emergency Whatdown?

Today's blog I found the emergency shutdown solenoid on the bus not only disconnected but...

 If anyone understood the system you would know that this picture can't happen unless you have a very fast camera.
 The shaft on the flapper door to trip in an emergency by the shutdown solenoid is frozen in the open position. Something else to fix.
4-29-2011 update
During the day today I beat, cut, lubed, heated and destroyed the shaft in the unit but it is now out. 
I need the shaft and the spring for the plate
The good pieces are in the baggie and the plate could be re used

The spring was toast before I ever started

The shaft is mild steel and the housing is aluminium,
 dissimilar metal corrosion had a real good grip on the two of them 

The plate was held to the shaft with two roll pins.  How anyone ever intended to remove them for any type of service is beyond me. I found it necessary to tap them until they bound with the outer case and then die grind off the pins to get enough room to tap them the rest of the way out.

Another person on the busconversion forum said he had a complete unit I will see what he wants for it.

Brian's air box on delivery was completely different.  So the process of rebuild was started.
The picture below is after I reamed out the housing to put in two bronze bushings on a new shaft and re pinned the components on the shaft.

A lot of time was lost looking for a new or good used spring like the original to pre-load the door in side the box.  Eventually new springs were sourced from McMaster Carr and installed.

All parts were re secured with new roll pins and the interior roll pins were arched in place to keep any possibility of ingestion to a minimum.

All the components are re pinned in place now I need to actuate the Air box.
The old dogs and brackets are trashed and do not have a solid connection.

After hours of looking for something to replace them with at all the home improvement stores the solution was paper templates and flat stock sheet metal. Now two new brackets and a spring allow the Air box  to operate as needed.

One Bracket to release the catch on the shaft and trip the air box.

And a second to put tension on the return spring so the Air box resets when the shaft is turned.

Now the completed release and reset portion of the Air box.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Windshield Wiper Rebuild

The pantograph wipers on the bus are shaky at best. Thank God it didn't rain on the way home from VA.
The picture below shows how much slop there is in the bushing that holds the blade at a 90 deg angle to the windshield or in its case NOT.  When running the wipers I found the blades just flopping back and forth.
Now to search out a solution, re bush, rebuild, or replace. Most of the wear seems to be in what I would guess as the most expensive part of the assembly the riveted together arm